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Battery Disconnect

battery disconnect

Twist to connect your battery and twist again to disconnect. Great for maintenance and winter storage. Made in the U.S. from solid Bronze - this is not the cheap Chinese-made item you've seen at the local dollar store. Includes Miata-specific instructions. Catalog BD1


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Millennium-5 Crossover Cap

sample photo

Hard to find, these are the correct value crossover capacitors for the Millennium-5 speakers for the 90-97 Mazda Miata (Eunos) headrests. Pre-installed with our Millennium-5's. Catalog ELC2, ELC2_4

Note that for speakers other than the Millennium-5's, these may or may not be the correct values, so do your homework!

$5.00 each

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XTC Speaker Baffles, Set/2 (rain shields)


If your window belt molding is leaky here's a simple and inexpensive rainshield solution to protect your M600/M800's from water damage. Simply cut away the lower half of each baffle with a razor blade (click on image to see how) and mount behind the M800/M600.

FREE U.S. shipping! If you're an international buyer, only order these with other products.

Catalog XTC65

$12.99/set 2

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Complete Headrest Wiring Kit

wiring kit

More Details

Starting from scratch? Here's all the wire and parts you need to set up headrest speakers in (2) Miata seats. Catalog WireKit


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Headrest Speaker Replacement Hardware

Retrofit Kit

All the screws to properly mount (4) headrest speaker boxes and speakers. Includes acoustic insulation for each speaker box. Works with our speakers and boxes or Mazda oem. (These are included with our Retrofit Kit and our NABX1 Speaker Boxes) Catalog RKHRDW


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AD1 Mounting Kit


Putting our M800 or M600 speakers into a 1999-2015 Miata? Our AD1 kit includes (2) adapter rings, gasket material, wiring harness adapters, and all the hardware you need. Only basic handtools required for installation - no cutting or drilling. Includes full instructions.

If you're using these to mount your own speakers, ID is ~5.4" and OD ~8.2". These should work in most doors that have 5x7 or 6x8 speakers but you are on your own. Catalog AD1

When purchased at the same time as our  M600 or M800 speakers, the AD1 Kit is just $10. Use links above.


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Stebel Horn Mounting Kit

Stebel Horn Mounting Kit

We no longer sell it, but if you're installing the Stebel Compact Nautilus airhorn in your 1990-2015 Miata, this kit has everything you need for the job. No cutting or modifying of your Miata. Completely reversible if you want to go back to stock in the future. Includes detailed instructions. Does not include horn! Again, this is only an installation kit. If you want a complete airhorn setup click here.   Catalog Stebel_Kit


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Speaker Wire, 16g

speaker wire

For high-power systems, subwoofers, and external amps. 25 foot spool of high-quality fine-strand speaker wire. Plenty for both doors in a Miata or other car. This would be overkill for the HR speakers - use our 18g for those. Catalog spk16_25

We do not recommend using smaller than 20g for any audio application!


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Molex .093 Crimper

Molex crimper

This is the proper Molex/Waldom crimper for the Molex .093 terminals in the 4-pin connectors we sell here. Insulated Terminal Not for insulated or non-insulated barrel terminals & disconnects - that crimper is our catalog Molex64016. Works with 14-24g wire. Includes a wire stripper. Catalog Molex1919


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Molex Service-Grade Insulated Terminal Crimper

sample photo

Genuine Molex brand insulated terminal crimper and wire stripper. Crimps Red (22-18g), Blue (16-14g), and Yellow (12-10g) insulated terminals. Also includes a nice wire stripper. Note that this is not the crimper for the Molex 4-pin plugs for under the seats that we also sell. That crimper is our catalog Molex1919. This crimper will work for the push on terminals for our speakers and other normal, insulated terminals. Insulated Terminal Much better quality than the junk at the local dollar store. Catalog Molex64016


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DeoxIT Connector Cleaner/Protector

sample photo

Oxidized audio interconnects or noisy controls on your radio? DeoxIT is the pro solution for cleaning connectors and then protecting them from future corrosion. Kit contains 14g DeoxIT cleaner and 14g DeoxIT Gold Enhancer/Protector. Enough for dozens of applications. Includes instruction. Catalog DGN5MS-15


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Speaker Terminal Disconnects

sample photo

Just need the correct terminals for the Millennium-5 headrest speakers? These are what you want. (4) 5mm and (4) 3.2mm. Works with 16g to 22g wire. These are also the correct size for the oem HR speakers. Crimp-on using our Molex Insulated Terminal Crimper (left). Catalog Term_kit

FREE U.S. shipping! If you're an international buyer, only order these with other products.


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Door Speaker Harness Adapters, NA/NB

NA/NB Door Speaker Harness Adapter

Replacing the door speakers in your 1990 - 2005 Miata? These harness adapters will let you plug directly into the Miata's harness so you don't need to cut anything. Spade-type disconnects at speaker end. Catalog Harness_1


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Door Speaker Harness Plug, NA/NB

NA/NB Door Speaker Harness Plug

Trying to restore your Miata doors back to OEM condition? This is the correct plug to terminate the door speaker wiring. Crimp with our Molex .093 crimper or equivalent F-crimper and 14-20 gauge wire. Catalog 172130


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Molex Connectors, Set/4

sample photo

These 4-pin Molex connectors are perfect for making the HR wire connection under the seat to allow for easy seat removal. Set of 2 male and 2 female plugs and 18-pins. Enough for both seats and 2 extra pins. (for a crimper you want catalog Molex64016)

$2.50 each at Radio Shack.

Catalog mlx4

$6.95/set 4

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Speaker Wire, 18g

50' 18g wire

Starting from scratch or restoring? 50 foot spool of high quality, fine-strand 18g speakers wire. Plenty for both HR seats. OK for regular door speakers, too although we recommend our 16g wire for high-power systems. Catalog spk18_50

We do not recommend using smaller than 20g for any audio application!


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Soldering Iron

Inexpensive Electronics Soldering Iron

Looking for a cheap but usable soldering iron for occasional use? We found this asian 40 watt iron that features an iron clad tip that's perfect for light duty use. Also check out our bundle with proper 60/40 solder on this page. Catalog SI_1


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Kester 60/40 Solder

NA/NB Door Speaker Harness Plug

'Pocket-Pak' of quality Kester 60/40 solder. 14.1 grams, .031 diameter. Perfect for electronics work. Catalog 834000


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