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Latest News

11/12/2018 - Fall update! We've been busy this fall with a couple of projects. First, we've completed and posted to our YouTube channel our latest video showing a detailed installation of our M600 or M800 door speakers into an NC Miata. We also go over the issues related to the factory Bose audio setup which varies over the NC production years.

We've also added some more tools to our website offerings. By popular request, we've added an inexpensive soldering iron and some quality electronic solder for users that are doing some more involved audio wiring work in their Miata. We've also added a video showing someone that's never soldered before how to properly solder and be successful every time.

And in the R&D department, we're working on a couple of NC projects as well as something for NA owners with a SE/LE Miata. Can't go into details now but I can say it's some good stuff.

7/18/2018 - New product! All our speakers for the Miata include the correct connectors so they directly plug in to the stock Miata harness. But many owners still need to do some wiring and other electrical work. While we already provide a couple of special electrical connector crimpers, we've had owners ask us about soldering, so we've located an inexpensive but decent soldering iron we've have listed shortly. We're also going to list a neat little spool of the correct electrical solder to use for wiring. And to top it all off, we're shooting a video that shows you how to make the perfect solder connection every time - even if you've never soldered before.

Everything should be posted and live on our site by the end of July, so check back soon.

7/15/2018 - Miata Day at the Larz Anderson Museum was perfect weather again this year and there were over 180 Miata's at the show! Here are a few pictures:

Miata Day1 

Miata Day2

4/10/2018 - Our replacement Air Horn Kit is now available. We've switched the horn from Stebel to Marco - same installation and pricing but much higher quality.

2/19/18 - We've decided to stop selling the Stebel airhorn effective 1/31/18. Stebel has been having serious quality control problems since they moved manufacturing from Italy to China and we can no longer recommend the product.

The good news is that we have located a very similar but far superior quality product as a replacement. We're testing fit with all our kits and while the initial review looks good, we still need to double check a few items. We'll get an email out to the entire customer list when we're ready to ship.

11/5/2017 - We're gearing up for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Stay tuned!

7/16/2017 - the 2017 Miata Day at the Larz Andersen Museum in Brookline MA was a great success. Over 160 Miata's and absolutely perfect weather. What's not to like?

Larz Museum Miata Day

We got to talk to many previous customers and many new prospects that needed help with Miata sound.